HTC Project Highlight: Homeowner’s Insurance

Underground Tanks Prevent Insurance Coverage
An excavator arm lifts an old underground heating oil storage tank into the air

Sandra inherited a family property and attempted to get the required insurance for renting it out. When they refused to insure her because the home had an underground storage tank, Sandra called her oil company who referred her to HTC.

Sandra’s husband was monitoring the tank with a gauging stick and was confident it didn’t leak. HTC immediately found soil dripping with oil when we augured around the tank.

Sandra’s situation was perfect for the Virginia Petroleum Tank Storage Fund, which completely covers the cost of tank removal and replacement for 90% of our customers. Sandra’s property is supplied drinking water from a spring located about 200 feet downhill, beside a creek across the street. To prevent water supply contamination, the Fund had HTC remove the tank and contaminated soil, as well as test the spring for contamination.  

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