• Oil Storage Tank Installation

    An aboveground heating oil tank beside a brick home

    When your heating oil tank stops working or starts leaking, the pressure to find the right help is on. Replacing your heating oil tank usually requires the stress and high costs of hiring multiple companies, all while the temperature continues to drop in your home.

    So we made it easier, by doing the full operation ourselves, for less.

    Temporary, portable heating oil tank

    From Costly, Multi-Contractor Operations to One Call for it All

    If you need a new heating oil tank, it’s likely for one of two reasons:

    • Your furnace or boiler has stopped working because your below-ground heating oil tank has gotten water in it. 
    • You’ve noticed oil dripping from an above-ground oil tank and need it replaced. 

    In either of these scenarios, homeowners usually have to source two different services:

    • An environmental company that can safely dispose of leaking tanks (along with all of the oil inside), and clean the oil spill. 
    • A heating oil contractor that can install and fill a new aboveground tank.

    HTC performs both jobs while getting the heat back on faster.

  • Stay Calm and Get the Heat Back On Faster

    The Hill Top Contractor team can assess the environmental risk and get the heat back on while getting the oil cleaned up and a replacement tank installed.


    We’re an environmental company that specializes in petroleum remediation. We investigate leaking below-ground tanks, obtain state funding for the cleanup, and install a new aboveground oil tank. If the oil leak from your aboveground tank is severe enough, we can obtain the same state funding to clean up the affected land or basement.

    Then, we’ll dispose of your old tank AFTER we’ve drained your good heating oil into a temporary holding tank. Not only will we save the oil you’ve already paid for, we’ll connect our temporary tank to your system so you’ll have heat throughout the whole process.

    Once you’ve got a warm house and no environmental hazards to worry about, you can take your time and shop around for a new petroleum storage tank installer.

    And even though you don’t have to choose HTC, you will.

    New storage tanks can be a large, unexpected expense for a homeowner. While state funding doesn’t help with new tanks or installations, we try to offset expenses for homeowners with factory direct purchases of new tanks.

    Our Oil Tank Installation Services

    Whether your current heating oil tank is leaking or just nearing the end of its life, we offer turnkey installation of new steel above-ground heating oil tanks outside of your home.

    What HTC Can Do For You

    • Install new 275, or any special-order larger volume, above-ground heating oil storage tanks. 
    • Install tanks for gasoline and diesel fuel.
    • Deliver and place the tank on leveled concrete blocks.
    • Connect product lines to the existing lines or connect them at the ignition source. 
    • Include the correct fill port, vent port, gauge, and product lines. 

    Give us a call to learn more about our tank clean-up services and how state funding can save you money.

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