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    Erm's Story, Homeowner

    When Erm began to smell oil in her basement, she became concerned about her children being exposed to the fumes. HTC removed a leaking 1,000-gallon underground storage tank from Erm's property and performed vapor monitoring in her home.


    I noticed the smell of oil in the basement, especially when the tank was being filled. I had no idea what the condition of the tank was. It might have been the original tank for the house. It seemed like I was going through oil fast, but I really couldn’t tell. I saw the ad in the newspaper for a free inspection and thought, “It’s not going to hurt to find out”.


    When I called them, they told me about the program and funding that can take place. They were very honest and up front about the program, which I appreciate a lot. I was wary about something for free. John called me and talked to me about the program, then he came out and did the test and found out the tank was leaking. He did all the paperwork, forms and talked to the people he needed to talk to in order to get me approved. I was approved and really I appreciate all of the work and the conscientiousness.


    He was very careful about removing the dirt and taking the tank out. He was very thorough with getting all of the contaminated dirt out. He even explained the process of what they do with contaminated dirt. Then, he brought in fill for the place where the old tank was and installed another tank for me. The whole process was pretty painless. I was a little nervous but John was very upfront about the funding and the costs. I took the risk and was lucky it got approved.


    They were very easy to work with. I know there are some big companies doing this same thing, but for me, I’d rather support a local business.




    Rick and Judy's Story, Homeowners and Realtors

    When Rick and Judy had concerns about their home's underground storage tank, HTC discovered low-level contamination. After performing remediation, HTC helped the couple to obtain proper tank closure. Now, HTC advises Rick and Judy's real estate clients about the fund and storage tank solutions.


    After they mediated our property, they got the clearance and got it signed off on. That's a really big deal. We were totally pleased with the work they did.


    I've referred them to some of our real estate clients. Recently, it came down to us being the selling agent of a property where unfortunately, the listing agent had a septic guy come out for the fuel tank inspection. It was the 11th hour and we called HTC. John spoke to the purchasers and eased their concerns and fears. That helped a bunch.


    They were very conscientious and considerate for the properties they work on. We were totally satisfied.




    Rarely do I encounter the level of professionalism, responsiveness and phenomenal service we received. A heartfelt thank you for taking what was a daunting, and potentially overwhelming, problem. Thank you for all your help. The level of customer service you provide is exceptional and rare.


    I'll never be able to thank you enough for helping me so much with the oil leak. You just showed up so fast- I was never more glad to see anybody. Thanks for expediting this for me and being so proctive.

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