• Environmental Services

    HTC has the science and experience to assess and protect YOUR environment.

    Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments

    These are typically for property or real estate transactions to help protect the buyer.

    Soil and Groundwater Remediation

    Environmental cleanup and repair for sites and homes with leaking fuel storage tanks or major industrial processes such as scrap yards, foundries, etc.

    Corrective Action

    Repairing and removing environmental hazards or damage.

    Risk Assessments

    Determining the risk from impacted groundwater, soil, or vapor and the potential threat to human health and the environment. Assessments include risks to pathways of ingestion, inhalation and dermal contact.


    We handle the permitting process for storage tanks, air, stormwater, water injection, discharge waters and more.

    Remediation System Design & Installation

    Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Vapor Monitoring and Remediation Indoor Air Quality Testing Environmental Audits Storm Water and Waste Water Sampling Erosion and Sediment Control Measurement and Implementation.

    Fate and Transport Groundwater Modeling

    Used to determine the potential risk of groundwater becoming impacted by contamination.

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