• Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund

    Nine out of Ten HTC Customers Have Their Tanks Removed For Free.

    What is the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund?

    If your petroleum storage tank is old, in need of repair, or leaking, you may qualify for free removal and remediation through a state fund established to protect the environment. This typically, but not always, covers the entire cost of removal and replacement.

    How It Works For HTC Customers

    We understand Homeowners Insurance and the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund like no one else.


    That's why nine out of 10 HTC customers qualify for free removal or repair of their storage tanks.


    We also prepare and submit the paperwork on your behalf. HTC customers can sit back and let us take care of every aspect of their storage tank problem, from the dirty work to the paperwork.



  • How It Works

    We Make it Simple to Access State Funds for Your Storage Tank Replacement.


    Free Assessment

    Our team uses specialized tools for a fast, free onsite inspection of your petroleum storage tank.


    File for Reimbursement

    If it looks like you qualify, we'll file all the paperwork for you with just some basic information.


    Your Tank is Replaced or Repaired

    9 out of 10 customers are approved for a free petroleum tank repair or replacement by our team within X days.

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