Is Your Tank Ready for Winter Oil?

What you NEED to know about your underground oil tank

There’s a lot to do when you’re prepping for winter. One of the most costly common oversights is underground and  at least 30 years old. If YOU have an underground petroleum storage tank, that’s about the time it was installed. There’s a good chance that it hasn’t been seen since then or  recently inspected.

BEFORE you get your first fill up for the winter, schedule a free tank check with HTC.

Here’s the Facts:

  •     Tanks eventually corrode and get leaks.
  •     If you wait until you notice the oil draining too fast, your problem has gone from really bad to catastrophic.
  •     Gauging a tank with a measuring stick is not an effective test for leaks.
  •     HTC uses special geological tools to monitor the soils surrounding your tank’s structure.

What’s the Risk:

  •      Paying for oil you’ll never use
  •      Polluting your property and water source if you use a private drinking well
  •      Damaging your entire heating system
  •      Going without heat during winter repairs

If We Find a Problem:

  •       We’ll do all the paperwork and submit your project to the Virginia Petroleum Tank Storage Fund for full coverage of our costs, BEFORE we do the work.
A measuring tape gages the size of corrosion holes on a heating oil tank

Don’t take it from us.

Joe, the owner of the tank pictured was positive he didn’t have a leak because he regularly checked it himself, using a measuring stick. We confirmed contamination  when he scheduled a free tank check with HTC
and discovered holes more than 3 inches wide when the tank was removed.

Not only were we able to get his tank removed and replaced for free, we cleaned up the contamination before it affected his well water or further increased his winter heating bill.

Don’t risk it. Schedule your tank check today at (540) 581-2058 or