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    HTC Specializes in Removing and Replacing Above and Underground Heating Oil Storage Tanks

    Corrosion holes in an old, leaking heating oil tank being measured

    YOUR Tank May Be Leaking and Dangerous

    Oil storage tanks corrode and deteriorate over time. If your tank is more than 30 years old, it could be leaking and dangerous. Protect yourself, your family and your property value by getting a free inspection today.


    Leaking tanks lead to:

    • Costly heating fuel losses
    • Pollution of your water supply
    • Serious environmental hazards or damage
    • Canceled or delayed real estate transactions
    • Denied homeowners insurance
    • Dangerous vapors in homes and buildings caused by underground contamination entering basements
    • Contaminated soil
    Scientific equipment being used by a technician to inspect an underground heating oil tank.

    Free Tank Assessment and Inspection

    HTC will inspect and assess your residential or commercial storage tank for free. We use specialized tools to get a clear picture of both tank damage and environmental hazards.


    We'll review the information and all of the available options with you, so that you're making an informed decision that's right for your needs.

    Underground heating oil tank is being lifted out of the ground by an excavator arm.

    Oil Tank Removal and Remediation

    With every storage tank service, HTC strives to solve problems fast, at no cost to the homeowner whenever possible.


    From removal and replacement to environmental cleanup and soil or groundwater remediation, HTC has you covered, no matter how large or small the project is.


    HTC can:

    • Remove your old above or underground storage tank
    • Perform cleanup work and repair environmental damage
    • Remove ugly pipes from your property
    • Lower your fuel and heating bills
    Technician using digital device to record information on a construction site

    The Dirty Work and The Paper Work

    Not only are we experienced experts in storage tank servicing, we're paperwork pros. With just some basic information, we'll help you to gain or guarantee homeowners insurance, secure the sale of your home and apply for full reimbursement of your project through the Virginia Petroleum Storage Tank Fund.

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